Avid Carp Benchmark Memory Foam System


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Closed: H35cm x W85cm x D100cm 
Weight: 14kg


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Benchmark Memory Foam System
The Benchmark Memory Foam System from Avid Carp sets a new standard in comfort.
The system features a twin-layer, four season sleeping bag that can be completely removed from the Bedchair if necessary.
During the warmer months, the angler can sleep under the top, thinner, layer, whilst in winter they can sleep under the bottom layer, which offers more warmth and protection from the elements.
The Benchmark Memory Foam System features a complete Lumbar Region Support System, underneath a super-comfortable Memory Foam mattress.
No other mattress on the market comes close to Memory Foam in terms of comfort and quality.
Both the Benchmark and Benchmark X Memory Foam Systems feature two reinforced steel throw-hinges that allow you to pack your System away without having to remove the sleeping bag.
These hinges also help to offer a totally flat sleeping surface, which offers maximum comfort.
A strong Security Strap is used to secure the bed in transit and three strategically-placed legs offer six supporting positions, giving even weight distribution and a great night’s sleep.

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